About James G Leslie

About James Leslie

James Leslie is a resident of Aurora, Illinois and has lived in this area most of his life.  He has become deeply rooted in the area and his community and chose a career to help give back and serve the people who live in it.  James is a 15-year veteran of the fire service. His time serving the public has given him some the of the most rewarding and memorable experiences of his life.  He has been counted on to come through on others' worst days and has always risen to the occasion.  He has become a true crisis manager in a State that needs that now more than ever.

Growing frustrated with the current political partisanship and posturing, James decided he could do more for Illinois and leave the State better for the next guy. This is why he is now making himself a candidate for State Representative of the 50th legislative district of Illinois. 

James is committed to creating an environment that bends to common sense, not special interests, and has a balanced state budget that is responsible and fair.  The economic playing field needs to be leveled and an unfair burden lifted from the taxpayers. The Illinois taxpayer is subsidizing surrounding states allowing them to use Illinois money to balance their budgets and fund their projects to take Illinois jobs.

James is dedicated to a socially and fiscally responsible form of government in which everyone has an opportunity to achieve his or her dreams.  Raised by parents who gave everything to help make their children's lives a little better than theirs, he has taken that idea to heart and wants to do the same.  James believes that given the chance, we all wish to make our lives and the lives of our children a little better and is committed to seeing that happen.

His desire to "leave the state and his community a little better for those to come" is what drives him both personally and professionally. He is a proven and dedicated servant to the public and is now asking for your help to further his ability to work for others.  

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